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2013年9月14日,北美洲土著在阿帕拉契山区的新泽西和纽约边界举行 Pow Wow。 十几族都派了代表来了。 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pow_wow
Pow Wow 之始,Medicine Man 为所有参与的族人和尊贵的来客用燃烧松脂的烟,净化灵魂,保佑他们,他们的母亲,和他们的祖母。 由此可见母系社会里
尊重女性之一斑。 从他们给的资料里,我了解 "The Ramapough Lenape Indians are a tribe of about 2600 Native Americans living on the NY/NJ border. They are
descendants of the Minsi or Muncee People, of the Lenni Lenape Indians. The Minsi People, or the Northern Branch of the Lenape lived here for thousands of
years before the European Invasion. Although most people think the Delaware People migrated west to Oklahoma from the East Coast, most of the Minsi, or
Munsee moved further north into Upstate NY, with the Six Nations, into Canada, and out west to Wisconsin. As they were leaving, others took refuge, in the
mountains, fading into an area that was no-mans land, betweeen NY and NJ , refusing to leave their beloved homeland. By living in such a remote area, they were
left alone for many decades. Today their descendants are still living there, known as the Ramapough Lenape Indiana Nation."

美国革命时,华盛顿将军保证只要是北美洲土着协助革命,成功之后,一定平等待之。 革命成功之后,华盛顿总统宣布,虽然北美洲土着应该和白人平等,但不
宜住在白人居住的地方。数年后美国联邦政府大肆搜捕土着,强迫迁徙到老远的荒地。 迁徙过程中土着们死难者很多。 迁徙之后,冻死、饿死、病死者甚夥。